Because the modern metropolis and its flows are unrepresentable , architecture can only be a FRAME .

FrAME is an architectural office physically based in Paris. The aim of the office is to research and explore the architecture of the city. 

We are an international team of architects active in different countries.

We meet ourselves from different backgrounds, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to somewhat we may define urban-tecture in a global media-scape.

Architecture is politics, City is our mental place, we live and operate in a hybrid landscape.

We have to face our time of deep crisis of Ethics, Politics and Economy: our “Architecture of Crisis” is a smart process made of negotiation, compensation of poor economic resources with rich mental matter.

We draw from the past, from ancient mason’s techniques (where the means were few and simple) to the great masters of architecture (where the expectations of their age of progress and ideals were high), shaping our design on the local condition we found.

We look confident at the future, ready to accept all the challenges this global Crisis can offer to us, as this is the only opportunity to shape a new path for our cultural and political unsustainable system.

We live in a fluid society of close virtual distances in a network of complexity.

Our weapons are irony, simplicity, a deep consciousness of our age, a desperate will to change.

Our Architecture is the constant search of the Man in the places were often stand his fake technologic gods and a false sense of wellness.