12/11/2016 - Extension of SZN Dohrn - Aquarium and Research Center, Naples - Competition 3rd Prize - Italy

Frame Architecture with Federico Calabrese won the 3rd Prize in the international competition held by Arching Foundation for the new extension of the Aquarium and Research Center in Napoli, the oldest in Italy, the second one in Europe.

Among 68 entries of the competition first stage we were invited to participate to the final phase gaining the third placement. 

We thank the support offered by Pica Ciamarra Associati Int srl and Interprogetti srl.


We will soon upload the images and info: we hope you will like it.

29/03/2016 - Chateau de La Tour-de-Peilz et Musee Suisse Du Jeu  - Competition Third Prize - Switzerland

We are proud to announce the third prize - 3ème rang, 3ème prix, concours d'idees - Chateau de la Tour-de-Peilz et Musee Suisse du Jeu - Concours d'idees et de projets d'architecture en procedure ouverte.

Frame Architecture worked in partnership with Sossio de Vita Architetto and Federico Calabrese, PHD, Conservation Architect.

Here are some pictures of the vernissage and projects exhibition held inside the Castle of La Tour-de-Peilz on the beautiful Lac Leman on 29 March 2016.

Soon more details and images of the project on our website...

30/05/2014 Competition 2nd Prize!

frAME team Luca Picardi & Roberto Aruta won the 2nd prize of the competition La Convivialità Urbana, which is held in Napoli (Italy) every 2 years to debate about the on-going and future urban transformation process.

Our entry "La Città Liberata" (the City set free) envisions a totally open seafront, a huge free beach that would be an ideal parking for metropolitan nomads. It is an amniotic space to live and work without borders, at the shore of the world wide web. Where the City dissolves itself into the sea, it will be the incubator of a new generation of sailors and explorers, again.


We wish to thank the organization committee, the jury and all the people visiting the exhibition, giving us a positive feedback.

05/02/2013  Berliner Haus completed

Today Roberto Aruta, Frame architect on site in Berlin, deliver the house in Schlesischer Strasse to its owner, after completing the finishing works. The flat refurbishment started with a preliminary design in december 2010, the building phase lasted about 3 months.

07/05/2013  Assigned funding for Community Chip project!

Today Campania Region Government published the official report programming the expected funding for the Municipality of Volla, in order to build the Social Center we designed in 2011.
The funds are included in the public resources program POR Campania 2007/2013 FESR for multifunctional centers operating in the field of social assistance, leisure and sport activities.
The project was chosen with 41 others among 227 proposals from all over the region.
The regional government assigned 1.156.984 euro in addition to the funds allocated by the municipality, approximately 800.000 euro.
We had to expect so much time due to the crisis investing also the public financing and the long process of italian bureaucracy.
Thus we are eager to continue with the further step of executive design in the next few months!

18/06/2013 House DEA delivered

After 3 months a young couple is now ready to enter their new house with a garden, just a few details missing. The garden will be the object of a further design next year.

03/01/2013  Frame Architecture website is on-line!

Welcome to Frame Architecture new website!
We are still working to add more contents and put everything on the run.