Tower house restoration

2007 - Cilento, Italy

XIII th century tower house restoration in the real heart of the Cilento area, south of Salerno.

The building was a medieval fortified house set on a height looking at the sea. It belonged to a local aristocrat family, then abandoned and turned into a manor farm with a rural shed during XIX century.

In the '90s the descendant of this noble family came back to possession of the manor initiating the process of recovery.

The interventions developed in the project are divided into two: the base was a careful restoration and recovery affecting the building as such and its representative quality, secondly the insertion of modern elements and materials gave a new use and a clear interpretation of the fabric history.

The last local skilled artisans were hired for the construction, as they were the only caretakers of the ancient masonry techiques, being still ables to build the stone vault stair giving exterior access to the tower.

The intervention was completed with an interior design study mixing ancient objects and weapons, doors and furnitures collected by the owner during the years with new design elements such as the iron and wood stairs.

The manor is now one of the main attraction of the town, certified as historical heritage by the Italian Ministery.

Project leader: Studio Bottari