Houses on a slope

2011 - Ascea Marina, Salerno, Italy - Schematic design

22 houses on a steep hillside

The project is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Cilento near a national preserved natural park. The site is a 40% slope ground with more than 20 secular olive trees. The difficulty has been to preserve the natural features of the area, and at the same time to satisfy the requests of the client for a high-density development. The building regulations also imposed us either to respect a minimum 10 meters distance between the houses or to design them attached.

As a constraint we decided not to exceed the height of two storeys for a better integration within the landscape of the hill. That’s why we decided to use only two typologies (1 floor+ garden; 2 floors, patio and terrace) connecting them through semi-private outside spaces, combining them to respect the natural slope of the hill.

Thus the composition involves the surrounding natural area of the secular trees, creating paths and including the existing old earthwork stone walls. It became a shared park with the typical features of Mediterranean vegetation, with a remarkable view on the sea.

The houses are designed to accomplish 3 different typologies according to the landscape configuration.


Partners: studio Bottari - Client: Private