Residences on a hilltop over the sea

2013 - Casal Velino, Salerno (IT)- design development

18 houses on the top of a hill

High value residences on the top of a hill, looking at the Tyrrenian Sea and the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Elea/Velia.

The main target was to develop a new settlement into a natural landscape, specifically in a site were many old olive trees stand. The site is very visible from the seashore and from the surroundings heights so that we choosed a housing typology that joined high living comfort with the minimum visual impact. The buildings have a triangular shape in order to steer the inner perspective towards the sea and not to create a compact front but a fragmented union of the facades including trees and patios.

Sustainability is the key value:

1- local materials and natural techniques (dry stone walls, stabilized earth pathways, green roofs, ventilation patios, porches and shading);

2- energy saving devices ( envelope isolation performances, advanced facilities features);

3 - gardens and naturalisation with local mediterranean flora.


partners: Studio Bottari