2011 - Acerra, Naples, Italy - Competition 2nd PRIZE

The city besieges the Castle

The two objectives of this competition were: the requalification of the XIII century castle, as the central heart of the city and the creation of two squares, one near the main entrance of the castle and at the other one backside.

We wanted to enhance the value that the castle may represent not only from a social or symbolic perspective but also as a real economic asset for the city of Acerra. To foster this idea, we chose to lean on the extended regional territory and connect this historic monument to the other existing cultural places. Doing so, this initiative empowers the visibility and attractiveness of the place and participates in generating a greater economic feedback for the city.

By rethinking the existing heterogeneous cultural offer (Public Library, Civic School of Music, Masks and Puppets Museum, Rural culture Museum) we set a mixed-use cultural container.The castle became a cultural crossroad for the whole region but above all it emerged as a new public space for the city by opening its courtyard to cultural events, and thanks to the creation of a restaurant and some spaces for gathering and inter-generational proximity.

We promote the mask of the Pulicinella, a famous Commedia Dell’Arte character which name is actually derived from Puccio D’Aniello, a peasant of Acerra, as the storytelling element of our project. By introducing this element, the Castle became the most important Napolitain Masks Museum.

Consultants: Studio Bottari, prof. F. Mangoni di Santo Spirito, arch. P. Stangherlin