Balancing Pavillon

New Culture Festival «Art-Ovrag 2013. Garden City» - Avril 2013


A Midsummer Night's Dream
Arts and nature have always been extremely related by human interventions through an act of framing the outside space. The pavilion which is developed here as a prototype on the one hand is able to frame the interior space ( humans dreams ) on the other hand is able to frame and thus unfold the complexity of the outside reality ( indeterminate universe ) , acting as a generic architectural filter enclosed in a recognizable form.The pavilion became an archetype.The structure of the pavilion is conceived as a very simple form :  two squares rotated one inside the other with two completely different consistency. In fact the external square is done by a very dense “ forest “ of white painted bamboo pillars that allow to see the internal  square  : the “ glass box “ of the pavilion , the nucleus of the project . The transparency is also a key element of the whole project. In fact walking around the pavilion outside as well inside we can have the different level of perception of the interior/exterior space. That's why the internal square is rotated in such a way that the corners are always close to the less dense part of the bamboo forest, unfolding a more defined view of the interior/exterior space. The structural function of the bamboo has been chosen also to give to the project the sensation to be suspended in a kind of limbo without gravity between the external and the internal environment.