Greda S.r.l. Factory and offices

2008 - Carpi, Modena, Italy - Competition

Solar Wave

A very specific and complex program has been requested for this industrial building. Greda srl is an expanding fashion brand whose mission is to develop a sustainable way of life.
This ideal had to be traduced into a new representative head-office, in an innovative vision of a single building containing the clothing factory itself, design workshops and offices, company workers facilities, a showroom and a factory outlet.
The requests for this big container of over 6000 sqm were: a) an example of totally sustainable building, b) volumes fitting in the most functional way to the production process, c) a building divided in different parts to be built separately.
We proposed a modular and flexible solution, cutted by a curved gallery on the south side. This element functions both as a connection and as a representative space open to events with offices on the upper floor, thanks to an opening transparent envelop. It is completely covered by photovoltaic glasses that allows to satisfy all the energy needs of the building which can accomplish the energy-efficiency class standards for the maximum qualification.
On the roof the automatic openings for natural ventilation of the factory are included in a garden.


energetic consultant: arch. P. Stangherlin
client: private