Hotel Centro Guadalajara

2011 - Guadalajara, Mexico - Competition

Break the block - Rompan el bloque!

The challenge proposed by a private purchaser was to imagine a luxury hotel in the real historic heart of Guadalajara. The small dimension of the plot is balanced by the remarkable strategic position on the corner of the main city square, where the Cathedral stands. The project exploits the maximum height in relation to the nearest historical buildings. The only constraint we set was to provide the best view of Plaza Guadalajara and the Cathedral to each of the 44 rooms ( 8 of them were suites).

The geometry results as a hybrid between the square colonial plan and the powerful representation in relieves and sculptures of Mesoamerican Art. Thus the hotel appears as a stone cut into the typical Spanish colonization square block. At ground level a rising in the façade provides a direct connection of the interior of the building with the main street and the square. The scenographic 20 meters high void of the reception is created, shaping two levels: the first one at the ground level, the second one just below it with a large horizontal window on the main street. The conference room in the basement has an independent access from the square. On the rooftop the panoramic restaurant and pool enjoy the view of the Cathedral façade. The cracks into the block open the interior to sunlight.