Europan 13


Route (inter) Nationale 7 (47)

What does make Goussainville so noticeable? The first thing we saw when we went to Goussainville was an air plane flying over the old city. Not a human being. Not a car. An airplane.More than 1500 fly over Goussainville every day It means noise, pollution, but it also means opportunities. We would demostrate that is possible in a neo-liberism historical period to join the forces of globalizations with the local  and sustainable quality of life of the Village.It is possible to finance projects with ideas and with the collaborations between communities and private sector and at the same time to be in the end absolutely self – sufficient.Opportunity to draw a successful future.Opportunity to create a centrality. Our project  the  Route ( inter ) Nationale 7 ( 47 ) refer to the linear path that every day bring 175.200 people to fly over the area. The advertisings could be a way to exploit that visibility.A form of land art in the flat landscape of the Region  helping the reactivation and resaturation of the village in the first phase. Then they could help local Start Up to promote themself .We design our “Artfield “ advertising in a square of 150 m x 150m basing on a visibility scale .Just like romans in a contemporary Centuriation! The old village became a new centrality with a different social structure.We exploit the possibilities given by empty spaces of the courtyards covering them. We design then by analogy an expansion of the village concept in an eco-strip.


Team: D. Tokarska