2012 - Casagiove, Caserta, Italy

"If you design streets and cars, you get streets and cars. If you design places and people, you get places and people."
William H. Whyte, urbanist, journalist and people-watcher

The Playground is composed of a Street-Basket court and a Kid’s area of aprox. 700 m2. It is the renovation of a part of a public park located at the heart of the old town of Casagiove, near the large park of the Royal Palace of Caserta.The preliminary design was made by the city Public Works department.

The task assigned by the Municipality of Casagiove as an independent construction manager consisted in designing the project, providing construction and administration documentation to the contractor and supervising the project on site .


Further informations : Client : Public - Status : Built. The final construction stage lasted 3 months.