Punta Corona Belvedere and Park

2012 - Agerola, Naples (IT) - Competition

Carving the Edge

The morphology of the Almafi Coast offered a large source of inspiration and interpretation for the design of this park located on the panoramic headland of Punta Corona. Dominating the sea with its 670 meters in heights, Corona is the highest spot of the Agerola landscape.  Corona ( “crown” in English) stands out as a natural crown embracing the surrounding village, a green crown made of chestnut and small rural fields.

The roughness of the coast composed of rock fractures, fjords and valleys and mitigated by a rich nature became itself the paradigm of the new park design. Our philosophy was to rethink fracture as an element in itself, penetrating and redesigning closed shapes and creating new and unexpected interactions.

The Belvedere located in the highest part of the park offers a panoramic view on the Mediterranean Sea. By using this notion of fracture we carved its borders and created new spaces and focus points within the existing landscape, while overleaf shaping artificial glades into the chestnut wood, offering new paths in an alternation of different perceptions as a sequence of closed and open spaces.

On the lowest part, among the rural fields, we created a large event area and an outdoor educational museum to promote the local rural culture.

Consultants: Studio Di Marco (engineering and hydraulics), Alessandro Schievano (sustainability and energetics), Studio Bottari (feasibility), Paco Castaldi (agronomics)