Villa Ferretti Park

2011 – Bacoli, Naples – Competition - FIRST PRIZE

Volcanic gardens

Orography meets myth and History in Campi Flegrei’s area, north of Naples. Ancient Volcano’s craters sleep under a quiet mantle of green, hiding the underground fires of Earth forces. During centuries,in Pozzuoli, Baia and Bacoli towns’ life coexist with this particular nature: sulphurous emissions and bradyseism phenomena. In Greek and Roman age these were the magic places where gods stood, where Virgilius describes the Underworld gates, where the Sybil’s cave was, and where Syrens lived. The beauty of the land on the sea, looking at the gulf islands, comes from this palinsesto of roman villas and thermae sunk into the blue water, fortresses on high promontories and fishermen villages, nearly a Grand Tour suggestion.

The project is influenced by all these visions: the place is the abandoned park of the XIX century Villa Ferretti beside the sea, under the medieval Castle of Baia. The villa was built over the ruins of a huge Roman mansion wich probably belonged to Caesar; its walls are still visible under the Mediterranean vegetation.

Paths are opened on the hill between the ruins and the Ilex wood; belvederes are created in remarkable points, looking at the castle. A plain on the sea became the scenographic location for open-air concerts and events. Inspiration comes from rough Mediterranean nature meeting Pompeian gardens principles.

Further information : Client: P.T.I. spa